Welcome everyone to our very first blog post!


Firstly, let me introduce myself, I am Danielle and I am the owner here at HHC and SHC. I shall be posting regularly on our blog feed to keep you all updated on what is happening here!

We have been busy bees keeping our customers shielded from the virus, keeping them happy and keeping them safe at home.

For those of you new to our services we offer a bespoke service to the elderly in and around Henfield. Our customers range in age from 68–96 and all still live perfectly well at home. Some of them just want to see a friendly face every day to stay connected and some need a little bit more assistance i.e. medication prompts. Our core function is to enable everyone to stay in their own home for as long as possible whilst keeping them safe. Do check out our website for further information on our services.

April has brought new joy to our customers as we are now able to venture to outside space again and give them some well earned fresh air. Many of our customers have been locked down for a long time – some since February last year! The glorious weather we have had over the past month has certainly helped lift the spirits – check our our office dog Major enjoying the sunshine in Shoreham this week!

Already this week we have done trips to our local garden centre Rushfields. This place is fabulous for our customers as it is not too big to navigate, it has a magnificent range of plants, gifts and homewares to browse and their outside café is brilliant. We are planning lots of different adventures over the next month including walks along Shoreham beach, trips up to the devil’s dyke and shorter walks around Henfield twittens.

You may well have seen our feature in Sussex Living Magazine this month – if not we have uploaded a shot of it below so you can have a read. We also launched our new set packages this month to help people budget for their care. Our affordable packages start at just £69 per week for three visits! Do check out our packages page on our website for the full details on each set package.

We are also looking to expand into Shoreham and Worthing over the next few months so please keep an eye on our social media and blog posts for updates on this. We have had a lot of interest from these areas, so we set up our sister company, Sussex Home Checks, to service our customers in areas outside of Henfield. We already have customers using us in nearby Upper Beeding and Steyning, so it is a natural progression to move towards the coast from here.

For now, stay safe and enjoy the new lockdown easing!

Danielle and the team at HHC & SHC xxx