Home Check Services

We are a friendly face popping in to check your loved one is ok.

We will wear masks, visors and gloves on all visits using hand sanitiser and washing hands between visits. Our team will be dressed casually to keep the environment friendly and less clinical.

We will make a cup of tea, have a chat, make sure any medication has been taken and that their meals have been eaten.  You can relax in the knowledge that someone is popping in and making sure your relative is safe and happily carrying on with their independent life.

Our Core Checks Are



Blood Sugar Testing


Fall Alarm


Meal Options

meal delivery options henfield west sussex


Our very own Home Check lunch box, with sandwich, crisps, cake, fruit juice and a sausage roll/quiche (available in vegetarian and gluten free).

meal delivery options henfield west sussex

Weekend Treats

Our clients love our food delivery options at the weekend, with Fish and Chip Friday or a roast dinner on a Sunday. Delivered to their door from The Plough, Henfield

meal delivery options henfield west sussex Meals on Wheels

Ready Meals

Nutritionally balanced and super tasty ready meals By Ruby. A wonderful selection to choose from, or soups for those with a smaller appetite.

meal delivery options henfield west sussex

Coffee and Cake

There is no better treat than a fresh coffee and a slice of homemade cakes. We can add Craft House Coffee and Cakesmith Cakes to any of our Home Check services, to make our visit even sweeter!

All of our packaging is 100% compostable, and therefore eco-friendly

What Our Clients Say

‘Using Henfield Home Checks has completely transformed both my Dads life and my own. Dad truly looks forward to his evening visits, we find HHCs professionalism and naturally caring nature is second to none. Using HHC every evening for insulin & food checks – plus emergency call outs – has given me so much peace of mind. It plays a huge part in enabling my Dad to enjoy living at home still.’

Julia K, Hove

“Margaret is 76 and perfectly capable of cleaning, cooking and personal hygiene. She enjoys weekly trips to Brighton on the local bus and she regularly socialises with her friends. Margarets only life difficulty is remembering to take her prepared medication at the right time. When she forgets to take them it makes her day very uncomfortable.

We aren’t close by so are unable to check on her throughout the day. We asked HHC to make regular visits and a phone call each day to help them both out.

Margaret no longer worries about missing her medication and we have complete peace of mind that Mum is able to live life independently again”

Margaret's Mum, Sussex

Let’s Get Started

Your peace of mind is in our hands, get in touch to find out how we can help you and your loved ones.