Here are some of our frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question, please get in touch.

Which areas do you cover?2021-03-22T14:21:07+01:00

We cover anywhere within a 10-mile radius of our office in Henfield. We may be able to assist with visits outside of this area – please contact our office on 01273 492629 to discuss further.

What systems do you have in place for COVID-19?2021-07-08T12:33:53+01:00

All our staff and currently all our customers have had both COVID-19 vaccinations. Our staff have had training in infection prevention and control and are equipped with PPE – triple layer facemasks, gloves, hand sanitiser, sanitising spray, hand wash, face shields, antibacterial wipes, sterilising wash and first aid kits. Our PPE is disposed of after each visit. We do temperature checks on ourselves and our customers on arrival which is recorded and logged in our careline app.

What safeguards are in place to protect me or my relative?2021-03-22T14:19:32+01:00

All our staff, whether office support or home check assistants, have undergone DBS checks and a thorough vetting process before starting work. We will always carry a Sussex Home Checks branded identification card featuring their name and a recent photograph of them. Our staff have undergone training for safeguarding vulnerable people, infection prevention and control and food safety & hygiene. We carry personal and public liability insurance.

What do you do during each visit?2021-03-22T14:25:13+01:00

Depending on the time of day we will always make sure our customers have the relevant meal served to them. We are happy to help prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner and offer food options ourselves. We will do a spot check each visit to ensure there are no immediate dangers to our customers. We will do light cleaning whilst on site and check medication has been taken if needed. We are not able to dispense any medication so please ensure you have this set up in daily dispensers.

How do I pay for my care?2021-03-22T14:20:42+01:00

We issue invoices on the 1st and 14th of every month; payment must be made within 10 days of the invoice. Payment can be made via bacs, online transfer, cheque, or card payment over the telephone. We can accommodate weekly invoicing if needed for a small charge. Monthly invoicing is also possible with a refundable deposit being paid upfront before the contract commences. Please just let us know when you set up your contract which you would prefer.

Do you provide updates on each visit?2021-03-23T13:39:00+01:00

Yes, we use Careline to record all our visits and our team check in and out using a unique QR code left inside each of our customers properties. This is date and time stamped on the app which you will be given access to using your own log in. Each client has their own home check plan and tasks-to-be-completed uploaded to the app. They will need to tick off each task as completed and leave notes on the visit before they can check out.

Do you provide shopping services / medication collection?2021-03-22T14:24:32+01:00

Yes, we can do weekly/monthly shops using our online shopping provider Ocado. We do regular shops now for customers who are not able to get out but still want a good selection of food each week. In addition, we can do smaller shops or ad hoc shops as and when needed. In most cases you can let us know what is needed and we will ensure our team collect these items before they arrive for their visit. We can also pick-up items from homeware stores, pet stores, takeaway food outlets and pharmacies. If we feel a customer would benefit from an item that would make their day-to-day life easier then we will ask the question and buy these items in. Popular examples are lap trays for dinner, water intake bottles, dementia clocks, assistance props. Any items will be added to your invoice. We currently collect medication from pharmacies and can pick up and drop off prescriptions if needed. Please contact us for further information on these services.

Do you provide out of hours or fall alarm assistance?2021-03-22T14:24:08+01:00

Yes, we can provide fall alarm assistance for those of you who do not live close by to your relatives. This option can be added on to our care packages or set up as a stand-alone service. Fall alarms are extremely popular and provide reassurance that help will arrive quickly if they are pressed. Please contact us directly for further information on fall alarm services.

Do you offer set packages for home checks?2021-03-22T14:22:19+01:00

Yes, we now offer 6 set packages for those of you who want to know exactly how much you will pay each month. Set packages can have the following bolted on at any point – telephone reminders, extra visits, ready meals and tea and cake. Mileage is charged in addition at 45p per mile, we will calculate this in when we set up your contract, so you know exact charges for the month. Bank Holidays, Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day are charged at double rates and in addition to any packages chosen.

Do you offer full care packages including personal care?2021-03-22T14:23:46+01:00

No, we do not offer these services but can recommend many local companies that would be able to take you or your family member to the next level of care. We are a pre-care service for those who do not need full domiciliary care yet.

Do you offer assistance with paperwork and admin?2021-03-22T14:23:03+01:00

Yes! This service has become more and more popular as many senior customers become overwhelmed by the amount of admin and paperwork they receive each week. We offer a calm helping hand to get bills paid, help filling in forms, assisting with telephone calls or organising services. We are also able to print paperwork and forms if needed. We can assist with attendance allowance forms if you have not already set this up.

Do you offer 30 minute visits?2021-03-22T14:21:51+01:00

Yes, we do as part of our packages. Ad hoc visits are minimum 1 hour, but package deals are 30 – 60 minutes depending on which package you choose.

Do you do cleaning?2021-03-22T14:23:23+01:00

We will always assist with light cleaning as and where it is needed. We do not offer full domestic cleaning but can recommend several local companies that we use alongside our services. As a general rule we will do dishwashing, empty dishwasher, help with laundry and bed making and tidy kitchen areas.


Do you charge mileage?2021-03-22T14:21:29+01:00

Yes, we charge 45p per mile return from our office in Henfield.

Can you take me to a hospital appointment?2021-03-22T14:25:32+01:00

Yes, we will always do our best to accommodate any extra visits you need for appointments, whether you need to attend a hospital appointment, doctors’ surgery or simply visiting a local eatery to meet friends.

Can I make changes or additions to my care package?2021-03-22T14:20:19+01:00

Yes. We often have people start with us who add telephone reminders or extra visits. We can accommodate emergency cover and holiday cover should your regular caregiver go on holiday or more support is required.

Are you able to provide meals?2021-03-22T14:22:40+01:00

Yes. We use ByRuby to supply us with delicious ready meals that we store in our 5-star hygiene rated kitchen at our office. We have thermal insulated bags to carry meals to you in. We can also provide delicious cakes from Cakesmiths and have Sussex tea and coffee which we can bring along too. Our tea and cake visits are extremely popular! Check out our services page for our menu and pricing.

Are you able to do visits outside of the home? For example, coffee shop trips / garden centres/ going for walks?2021-03-22T14:24:54+01:00

We will be able to resume these visits once the lockdown eases. We have not been able to do any since the national lockdown was imposed but once this is lifted, we can resume. Often customers like to go to garden centres for a coffee and cake – we can do this!

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