Yes, we can do weekly/monthly shops using our online shopping provider Ocado. We do regular shops now for customers who are not able to get out but still want a good selection of food each week. In addition, we can do smaller shops or ad hoc shops as and when needed. In most cases you can let us know what is needed and we will ensure our team collect these items before they arrive for their visit. We can also pick-up items from homeware stores, pet stores, takeaway food outlets and pharmacies. If we feel a customer would benefit from an item that would make their day-to-day life easier then we will ask the question and buy these items in. Popular examples are lap trays for dinner, water intake bottles, dementia clocks, assistance props. Any items will be added to your invoice. We currently collect medication from pharmacies and can pick up and drop off prescriptions if needed. Please contact us for further information on these services.